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Easy Funnel

Meet your next selling funnel! The ease of using Canva.com with the quality of flow cards and action icons in the construction of automation funnels.


The Digital Marketing Game Has Changed Forever…...

Here are some benefits of using Easy Funnel for your enterprise:

  • Simple to modify

  • Generate endless flows

  • Over 160 icons available

  • 68 flow cards included

  • Texts can be customized

  • Alter the color to your preference

  • No ongoing monthly expenses

  • Effortless sharing with clients

  • Funil Fácil Reunião

    This enables you to:


    PLAN out your concepts


    AUTOMATE procedures


    ELIMINATE unnecessary expenditures

    Funil Fácil Reunião

    Instantly realize the profit potential...

    With Easy Funnel, you can plot and map every process of your funnels prior to investing ANY money in automations.

    An IMMENSE ADVANTAGE over your competitiors.

    Whether you're a start-up or an established business, Easy Funnel is

    The Ultimate Planning Tool for:




    Coaching & Consulting


    Creators & Affiliates


    B2B Companies


    Local Businesses


    Online Course Creators


    Marketing Agencies




    SAAS and Software Platforms

    And more...

    Craft a Easy Funnel flow using Canva.com

    Leverage Easy Funnel to forge remarkable marketing proposals. "Demonstrate" to potential clients what you are intending to build for them.

    You can not only show new clients the visual outline of the funnel you plan for them but also share the map for their input or alterations.

  • Funil Fácil Agência de Marketing Digital
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    Guia Funil Fácil
  • Understanding Easy Funnel

  • Proceed with the purchase

  • Download the Easy Funel Guide

  • Adhere to the instructions in the PDF

  • Create or sign into your Canva.com account

  • Import Easy Funnel into your Canva.com account

  • Begin crafting the funnel flow as per your business's requirements

  • Feito com Canva

    Ready to unveil the future of your funnel?

    Facing reality...

    Digital marketing is exceedingly competitive across most market segments and industries... with rising advertising costs only exacerbating the situation.

    Regrettably, numerous entrepreneurs are bound to FAIL.

    But it doesn't have to be your story.

    You no longer have to leave your funnel's performance to fate.

    Avoid risking your time, energy, or capital on an uncertain funnel.

  • With Easy Funnel, YOU hold the destiny of your funnel.

    A first-time opportunity:

    YOU gain greater control over your funnel's outcome.

    YOU can foresee and meticulously plan every aspect of your funnel and its potential for profit once implemented.

    "Pre-plan" for assured profits and success!

    Funil Fácil Escritório
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    What is Easy Funnel?

    A robust Digital Marketing plan is vital for setting clear goals, pinpointing your target audience, selecting the right strategies, and monitoring outcomes. Our digital marketing agency, specializing in Growth Hacking, further assists in identifying opportunities, rapidly experimenting with creative tactics, scaling growth, and maximizing limited resources for swift and effective business success in the digital realm.

    How long is the Digital Marketing plan valid?

    Easy Funnel is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the creation of highly effective sales funnels. It caters to entrepreneurs, agencies, freelancers, offering an intuitive approach, even for those lacking in design expertise.

    What's included in the number of funnel flow cards?

    Easy Funnel comes with 60 ready-to-use funnel flow cards, covering various stages like sales pages, acceptance, checkout, thank you, and beyond.

    Can the funnel flow cards be personalized?

    Yes, certainly! Our cards are highly adaptable on Canva.com, allowing for effortless color, font, and text modifications to suit your business's unique needs.

    What about the purchase and download procedure?

    Upon purchase or adding to your cart, a PDF will be provided. Simply open this PDF and follow the embedded instructions. Use the given link to integrate Easy Funnel into your Canva.com account and start shaping the funnel flow that aligns with your business strategy.

    Is this template exclusive to Canva.com?

    Indeed, Easy Funnel is exclusively configured for Canva.com, ensuring user-friendliness and adaptability. Ensure you have a Canva account to fully utilize its capabilities.

    May I share or market Easy Funil as my own?

    While you can tailor and employ the model for your business, sharing your created funnel map is permissible. However, selling Easy Funel's creative assets as your own is prohibited due to copyright.

    Support queries?

    For any uncertainties or support needs, feel free to reach out at any time. Our team is on standby to assist. Contact us at [email protected].

    Is Easy Funnel suitable for all business types?

    Absolutely, Easy Funel is versatile and ideal for anyone crafting funnels, irrespective of the niche. Elevate your strategy, anticipate outcomes, and customize the funnel to meet your business's specific requirements.

    Are there any guarantees or refund options?

    Existe alguma garantia ou reembolso?

    Importante: O Funil Fácil é um serviço independente e não possui qualquer afiliação ou parceria com o Canva.com. As marcas, serviços e produtos mencionados são de propriedade de seus respectivos detentores.